Sapiens turns
science into action.

Powered by the latest clinical research and data science, Sapiens helps you measure,
protect, and improve your health
and performance.

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The Problem

It takes an average of 17 years to bring medical innovation into practice.
Time for change.

Currently new scientific evidence takes a median of 17 years to be adopted into clinical practice. Meanwhile, medical knowledge will double an estimated 73 days by 2020, up from 50 years in 1950.

Doctors — your first line of contact — cannot possibly keep up. Moreover, the media landscape is filled with poorly validated scientific headlines, recommendations and advertisements.



Become your healthiest and highest performing self, supported by the latest medical science. Now.

The Sapiens health platform filters out the noise.
Through our unprecedented direct access to credible scientifically validated data algorithms, you gain personalized insights into your health to prioritize actions that have the greatest impact to your health.

As the pace of medical knowledge accelerates, you harness powerful, technology-enabled tools to guide and support you on each step of your health and performance journey.



Together we will redefine human health and performance.

Control the collection
and use of your personal health data.

Integrate all your available health data — from medical records, app-supported trackers and biosensors and advanced biological tests –
into one secure place.

Unlock a better dialogue with
your doctor.

Partner with your doctor and health team by offering quantitatively-backed
insights, recommendations, and medical research.

Measure and optimize your health and performance.

Quantify your health status and prioritize next steps to improve it by leveraging the latest clinically-validated data algorithms.

Access financial

Gain financial savings and rewards by partnering with your employers and insurance providers.

About Sapiens Data Science

We believe in augmenting human intelligence,
not replacing it.

Human health requires human care.

Now, a new generation of health professionals and services, powered by health researchers and data scientists, will be able to impact the health and performance of their clients like
never before.

Together, we will create a new revolutionary health ecosystem.

Our Team

Brad Perkins, MD
Director & CEO 
Larry Heminger
chief technology officer
Kuan-Fu Ding
chief science officer
Geoffrey Baker
commercial growth officer
Kristee Rosendahl
creative director
Lisa Evers
Operations manager
Anthony Moore
Chief administrative Officer
Anthony Nassar
Chief financial Officer
Lou Gerken
Chairman of the Board
Larry Rosenberger
CO-Founder, Director

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